What Do Google Keywords Tell Us About Our World?

What to do when the world is taken over by Facebook, Google, and SEO ? Enjoy the ride! This book shows some of the top searched results in Google keywords and how those search results vary distinctly from what average Americans would consider their core values.

Google keywords and search results tell an interesting tale about our private and public lives. The results tell us as a society where we place our priorities in America. Are we in alignment? Read and find out. Check out the first few pages: GoogleKeywordsBook-Preview and

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    • 40-page booklet
    • 10 short chapters
    • Fun quick read
    • Interesting findings

Chapter Titles

1  Introduction
2  How I Started My Quasi-Techie Life
3  Google Keywords Tool Reveals the Truth
4  Calculations, Deductions,Blah, Blah, Blah
5  Hot Topic Indicators
6  What Are These Numbers Really Saying?
7  Ok, Now Who Is Stuck in the Middle?
8  Who Are the High and Mighty?
9  Now… the Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For!
10 Conclusion